I’m moving!

9 Oct

i'm movingHi all! After more than a year of wondering what’s going on and what to do with my neglected life on the blogosphere, I have finally decided to consolidate all my various spaces into one comprehensive blog. This new blog will make its home on my personal domain at www.minkipool.co.za and will include Lady Wilhelmine’s Boudoir and Miscellaneous Creations. This move also means that I will start blogging again a bit more frequently about corsets, miscellaneous creations and general musings over tea.

Hope to see you over there!


If you happen to be near Devon

5 Mar

Then be sure to visit the Devon Guild of Craftsmen exhibition Tracing the Blueprint on from Friday 24 February to Monday 26 March 2012.

Tracing the Blueprint at Devon Guild of Craftsmen

From empires to everyday life, this exhibition traces the path of indigo-printed textiles from the Hapsburg Empire into Hungarian village life, and from Europe, via colonisation and assimilation, to Xhosa and other peoples of Southern Africa.

This exhibition concerns the fascinating social history of indigo dyeing in two countries; Hungary and South Africa. The exhibition will present photographs, text panels, samplebooks of fabrics and items of clothing to create a story about the fabrics. Fair-trade indigo items will be for sale in the shop.

And it features, among other things, a picture of the Shweshwe corset!

The exhibition has been curated by Devon Guild Member Hilary Burns, a basketmaker trained in textiles with childhood links to the Eastern Cape, and Jacqueline Sarsby, who is an anthropologist, photographer and oral historian.

If I were almost anywhere in the UK I’d most definitely find a way to swing by.

The Shweshwe Corset

11 Jul

Over at Lady Wilhelmine’s I have been documenting my long and relatively stress-free journey of creating the Shweshwe corset. This definitely falls under the more miscellaneous of my creations.

Here are some pics:

18th century stays and stomacher made made from blue shweshwe and red taffeta
18th century stays and stomacher made made from blue shweshwe and red taffeta.
18th century stays and stomacher made made from blue shweshwe and red taffeta.
18th century stays and stomacher made made from blue shweshwe and red taffeta, red binding, red lacing. Front lacing  pair of stays
18th century stays and stomacher made made from blue shweshwe, red binding and red lacing.

To see the process and here my thoughts on 18th century corsetry in general check out Lady Wilhelmine’s Boudoir.

Arabesque, Arabic art and other beautiful squiglygoos

10 Apr

A few days ago I received a link from a friend that reminded me again of another form of art that I love: arabesque.

Arabesque, Islamis art surface aptter designCopied shamelessly from CreativeRoots:

“Arabesque is an artistic motif that is characterised by the application of repeating geometric forms and fancifully combined Arabic calligraphy.”

These particular images were created by Muhammad Abdulmateen and each feature a passage or a word that has been used to create these designs. Also have a look at these Arabic Calligraphy pieces.

Arabesque, Islamic art, surface pattern design

There is also a book worth having that does not only deal in Islamic or Arabic calligraphy, but contains two-hundred beautiful colour plates of all things Arabic and art: the aptly named Arabic Art by Prisse d’Avennes.

Arabic Art by Prisse d'Avennes, a book on Islamic art, Islamic architecture and ArabesqueYou can also create your own circular patterns and squiglys on Myoats:

Myoats is a community where people create designs using an online drawing application. These designs can be rated, downloaded, and archived. The Most Liked designs are rewarded by being featured on the home page.

In my own Myoats designs I tend to be rather aimless and do no justice to the medium, but some of the people on there are creating truly exquisite things.

These are also much more organic than is normally my style, but at least I was being a bit experimental!

Circular surface pattern design, floral red and yellowCircular surface pattern design, floral white and light blue Circular surface pattern design blue and turquoise

And finally there is my own attempts at some western (and may I add a little snarky) arabesque.  I made these back in 2007 to illustrate how I felt about my course at the time. There is a progression from aggressive and ugly to a slightly more positive and appealing design. (So yes, I know the first two designs are a bit unevolved and they are in fact supposed to appear that way.) I give you Fuck You, Bite Me, Thank You:


Arabesque with purple letters spelling Fuck You
Fuck You
Arabesque with purple letters spelling Bite Me
Bite Me
Arabesque with pink letters spelling Thank You
Thank You

I was maybe in a bit of a bad place at the time…

Black and Yellow

12 Mar

So lately I’ve been going through a black and yellow phase (that has nothing to do with the Wiz Khalifa song, but it sure makes a catchy soundtrack for the whole thing). It’s just that I used to hate the combination of black and yellow. I always used to think that there was something so…desolate  about yellow when paired only with black. Yet lately there has been a few things that made me change my mind, and now I am quite converted. So I give you the Black & Yellow Phase.

Every phase always culminates itself in a wallpaper or repeat surface pattern design of some sort, and this is no exception:

Black lace on black and yellow stripes

Surface pattern / textile design 1

Black lace on black and yellow stripes

Surface pattern / textile design 2

Black lace on a yellow background

Surface pattern / textile design 3

And then there are all sorts of other things that are black and yellow:

All things black and yellow: A yellow cab, Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa, Silk Spectre from Watchmen, Dr Martens with yellow laces

Other things that come in black and yellow

At Lady Wilhelmine’s Boudoir there’s even be a Black & Yellow Corset!

Hear no Evil. Speak no Evil. See no Red.

20 Feb

Self-portrait: Hear no Evil. Red and black ink in a printed book.

Self-portrait: Speak no Evil. Red and black ink in a printed book.

Self-portrait: See no Red. Red and black ink in a printed book.


23 Jan
Self-portrait of me having a brain fart.

Self-portrait of me having a brain fart.

So…this blog has been a bit quiet for a while, gone dormant while I was working on a bit of writing that will henceforth be referred to only as The Project. Suffice it to say the project is a bit secret and very possibly quite lame, but it has given me the wonderful idea of trying to create a webcomic out of the soup of ideas that are now floating around in my brain and on my computer. Or at least that is the plan. Of course I haven’t started yet, so here is a preview of something I made way back when in the days when The Concept (which informs The Project) first assailed me.

The Queen of the Heart

Desiderata, The Queen of the Heart